On your ballot: Abortion access

September 19, 2018

Do you believe that healthcare is a right, and that everyone should be able to make their own decisions about whether or when to become a parent, regardless of how much money they make or how they’re insured? We do. Family Forward is dedicated to fighting for the economic security of all Oregon women — and that includes making sure that reproductive health care is safe, affordable, and accessible. Let’s work together to defend our reproductive freedom and defeat Measure 106 in November.

On Saturday, September 22nd, No Cuts to Care will be kicking off its campaign to defend reproductive freedom. They’re holding events all around the state, so sign up for an event near you.

If it passes, Measure 106 would reduce abortion access for nearly 350,000 Oregon women, and it would allow the state to pick and choose which medical procedures would not be covered by insurance. Essentially, the measure would establish a new category of haves and have nots: those who can afford to make their own reproductive health care decisions, and those who cannot. A right is not a right if it’s unaffordable — and Measure 106 chips away at the right to access the reproductive care that everyone needs.

Bottom line: Measure 106 is an attack on our reproductive freedom, and by design, it’ll harm low-income Oregonians the most. Every Oregonian deserves reproductive freedom, regardless of their income or how they’re insured. By defeating Measure 106, we’ll make sure that basic right endures in Oregon.