Paid Family and Medical Leave – Resources to Share!

December 7, 2015

12278793_10153276487379067_9016043358865787956_nWhether you were able to join our call on December 4th about paid family + medical leave or not, we wanted to get some good resources on the topic into your hands. Please consider sharing the ones that really speak to you, because that’s how change happens: one personal conversation at a time.

Happy reading, watching, listening and learning:

  1. Incredible TEDx talk by a funny, passionate mother who argues convincingly for paid family leave (with stock photo humor!)
  2. Great NY Times article about the politics of paid leave.
  3. A recording of our call yesterday in case you missed it or want to share it.
  4. An excellent, if sobering, article of how our current lack of paid family leave is harming mothers.
  5. A happy article about the City of Portland’s brand new paid parental leave policy for its own employees.
  6. For the wonky among us, a letter from several hundred business school professors to Congress arguing for paid family leave.

We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to learn about and (hopefully!) get involved in the push for paid family + medical leave in our state and, ultimately, our country.

Onward together!